Great list
  • Client
    Alexander Sysoev
  • Deliverables
    Website, Telegram Bot
Develop an informative and convenient guide to the best gastronomic places in Russian cities.
We have created a website with a premium design. It is clear and easy to use, but it contains as much useful information as possible. Here you can find not only photos of interiors, addresses and contacts, but also a selection of dishes recommended by chefs, descriptions of cocktails from bartenders.
Mobile version
The mobile version of the site is no less convenient. It has retained not only the design, but also the functionality. The guide is comfortable to use even with a slow connection.
Telegram Bot
Additionally, we created the Great List Bot, replicating the website's functionality in the current and even more convenient form of a Telegram chatbot. Now you can utilize the restaurant guide without leaving the comfort of your favorite messenger!
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