Axe Apollo Space Academy
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    Trade, digital
To inspire the Axe auditorium with the image of a new hero

1. We spread the rumour about a mysterious epidemic that swept all the girls. Suddenly all of them want to get hold of the astronaut boyfriend.

2. We invite all the guys who want to keep up with the latest trend to join the Axe Apollo Space Academy.

3. We choose three candidates to present Russia in Axe training base at JFK Center, Orlando.

We used the real space program archive materials from 80s and special NLP-technology to create a viral video which affects female libido and cause women to experience strong sexual attraction towards astronauts only.
Key Visual
We have connected the mysterious epidemic with our campaign by showing the image of a real space hero flying above our blue planet. It became possible because of a new Axe Apollo and Axe Apollo Space Academy.
Promo pack
Stylish promo pack designed in the form of space helmet and contains all the necessary to become a real astronaut.
Gift Pack
This box is full of Axe Apollo branded gifts to compliment and prepare young astronaut for space adventures.
Magazine Special
Special print for magazines designed with folded pages is describing promo rules and showing all pleasures of the astronaut’s life.
We have created unique POSMs for shops to draw customers’ attention with accurate curves, LED screens and attracting lights like it’s a space station or astronaut terminal.
Astronaut’s offline activity
In addition to digital viral activity we made some serious flashmobs of our astronauts to grow anticipate of reveal even stronger.
We created special site to collect all the posts and photos about this new ‘I want an Astronaut’ epidemic.
We have selected 12 hot top-models to make premium Space Calendar. Each girl has been assigned to a specific role onboard of a space station, i.e. medic, pilot, technician and so on.
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